Q. What is the name of the dog in the film The Wizard of Oz?

Dingbats Quiz #201 - SPRING

Level 29

This is Dingbat Game #201 out of 734 available and is in the category Song Titles and labelled SPRING.

A dingbat puzzle, also known as a rebus puzzle, is a type of word puzzle that uses pictures, symbols, and letters to represent words or phrases. The goal of the puzzle is to decipher the hidden message by solving the clues provided. Dingbats can vary in complexity and may include multiple pictures and symbols that need to be deciphered to reveal the final answer. They are often used as a fun and challenging way to improve problem-solving skills and vocabulary.

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Dingbats Quiz #201

Level 29


Difficulty Level:

Average Solve Time: 120h 59m 03s


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Dingbats Puzzle - Whatzit #201 - SPRING


Category: Song Titles


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