Q. What was the name of Pink Floyd's first studio album?

500 Phrases and Sayings Rebus Puzzles - with clues and answers!

Find out more and look inside!

A rebus is a say-what-you-see puzzle that uses a variety of wordplays and visual clues to lead you to the hidden answer.

In this book you will find 500 cryptically hidden phrases and sayings, ordered by difficulty, with the easiest at the start and the fiendishly hard at the back. Rebuses require logic and lateral thinking and are great for keeping your brain active!

To help you, there are three clues for each puzzle which lead you to the answer, making them suitable for all ages and abilities. If you are still stumped after using the clues, all the answers are included in the back.

The first clue is a hint that may be a straight definition or something more cryptic, similar to a crossword clue

For the second clue, the rearranged letters of the answer create an anagram, sometimes with humorous results

Finally, the third clue is the pattern of the answer, showing how many words there are and the number of letters in each word

How far through the book can you get before you need to use the clues?!