Q. How many faces does an icosahedron have?

Dingbats Quiz #573 - BOTTLE

Level 0

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Dingbats Quiz Book
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Dingbats are the say-what-you-see rebus puzzle. They are often well known phrases or sayings, everyday objects or titles. A series of clues are available to registered users 48 hours after first viewing each dingbat but using a clue carries a points penalty! This is Dingbat Game #573 out of 704 available and is in the category Phrases & Sayings and labelled BOTTLE. Looking for dingbats with answers? You can find 500 of the answers in our Dingbats Book!

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Dingbats Quiz #573

Level 0


Difficulty Level:

Average Solve Time: 11s

Dingbats Puzzle - Whatzit #573 - BOTTLE

Category: Phrases & Sayings

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