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Crossword Grid Image Converter for Crossword Compiler and Sympathy Crossword Construction

Extract a crossword grid to your grid library from an image!

Crossword Compiler and Sympathy both come with a limited number of grid layouts in the grid library. Using this app you can convert an image of a blank crossword grid into a format that can be read into the Crossword Compiler Grid Library or saved as a grid template for Sympathy Crossword Construction and save yourself the time of having to recreate a grid manually!

Simply grab a screenshot of the crossword grid (we recommend using something like Lightshot, a screen grabber for Windows or Mac. Select and crop a blank crossword grid as closely as possible to its borders copy to the clipboard and paste it into the box below using Ctrl-V or right-click and paste. Tell us how many squares it has across and down and we'll convert it into a file that you can use to import using the Add Patterns from Files feature in Crossword Compiler or save it as a .syt file for Sympathy. Please note that Sympathy crosswords will need to have the same number of squares across as down.

Grid Size

Choose one of the predefined sizes below

Or use a custom grid size


Very large grid sizes will take a long time to process so please be patient!

How it Works...

Screenshot an image of a blank crossword or take a photo. Lightshot is a good screenshot tool.
Crop closely to grid border and copy and paste image into box
Select the number of squares across and down
Wait while the grid is converted to a text file
Download your grid template file and add to your grid library in Crossword Compiler or Sympathy!