Q. Which singer had a hit with Billie Jean?

Cryptic Crossword

All the clues are cryptic!

You earn 5 points for each correct letter and if you complete the puzzle correctly we'll double your points for a maximum of 1560 points. Don't forget to click submit once you've completed the puzzle or if you want to claim any points for partially completed puzzles. If you are logged in you will earn points!

Please use a wider screen to play the interactive Crossword puzzles! This may be as simple as rotating your device.

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Cryptic Crossword - Across Life lessons? A worker on a plane? Work table? Leaves for Canada? Turning point? Account used for charity? Pitched like a girl? Deliver some notes? Talking point? Apple grower? Elevator for women? Old yeller? One helping actors for a change? Drawing room? Down Fall guy? Burning desire? Ones against all odds? Eyeballs? French dressing? Panhandlers? Draft status? Local delivery at Headingley? Staff leaders? Throwaway toy? Disobey an order? Cooked and pickled? Bad way to go? Coppers? Able to walk the line? Office worker?